Technology &
Digital Transformation
We are transforming the relationship between business and data, with a collaborative, real time and immersive experience. We develop and manage state-of-the-art technology solutions the backbone that powers the dynamic enterprise IT to stretch your boundaries in Digital Business era.

Technology & Data Strategy

Hiture Technology & Data Strategy are frameworks to study current and future Business Strategy, assess Business-IT alignment on various parameters, identify gaps,and define Technology Roadmaps and Budgets. Technology Strategy facilitates the attainment of a company's vision through alignment of its information technology strategy with its business strategy.
IT Strategy & Management
Wisewell Information Technology practice helps our clients use Technology and Data to create competitive advantage and optimize business performance. Our clients are senior business and IT executives who value Hiture's independent and impact-oriented approach.

Our clients also value Wisewell's recognized strengths in strategy, organization, and operations, as well as the broad strategic lens we apply to IT.

Wisewell bring considerable expertise to design and implementation management for business-critical architectures and concepts. We are committed not only to our client's success but also to advancing the general practice of corporate IT.

Wisewell Information Technology expertise is concentrated in five critical areas: IT Strategy, IT Transformation, IT Sourcing, IT Organization and IT Performance.

Digital Business Strategy
Technology are changing the relationships between consumers and companies. Consumers have more power to gather and process information, connect, and voice opinions. And companies can leverage vast new sources of consumer information that lets them engage customers in a microtargeted way. To win in the Digital Business, companies must recognize that the time to act is now—and that the stakes are high.

Wisewell has extensive experience working on Digital Business strategies. Through our deep topical proficiency and a wealth of cross-functional knowledge, Wisewell can separate facts from hype and help clients succeed in a challenging competitive landscape.

Our Digital Business capabilities focuses on the specific areas that are critical to success in this new environment: Digital Strategy, Mobile Strategy, Social Strategy, Cloud Strategy and Internet of Things.

Enterprise Architecture Services
Most companies have done some thinking about their strategy, the principles that they use to organize their business, the definition of processes, the applications that help execute processes, and the other infrastructure and technology that supports it. Because much of this thinking is done informally, it is hard to answer questions about the completeness of the analysis. Did you do enough? Did you do too little? How is it written down? How is the understanding of the business expanded and propagated?

Enterprise architecture at its best is an effort to understand the strategic intent of a business and then have everything from business processes, to supporting technology, to partner relationships, to infrastructure of all sorts, to hiring and training, and anything else important work in alignment to achieve better business performance. What enterprise architecture of all kinds provides is a framework to make sure that you have covered all the bases and can steadily expand your analysis to include more and more issues and concerns.

Wisewell identify a foundational technology architecture that guides software implementation and integration of multiple systems to maximize scalability and performance.

Business Process Services
The business landscape is changing, driven by economic volatility, regulatory complexities, technology disruptions, and macroeconomic factors. Traditional business models severely restrict an enterprise's ability to adapt. The optimization and automation of business processes through the use of Digital Technologies is a primary goal to improve the performance and reliability modern businesses.

In Wisewell we collaborate with our clients to implement these solutions through the application of a methodology to analyze current business processes, identify opportunities for improvement and implement a BPM tool to integrate existing applications accomplishing interoperability and traceability requirements.

Wisewell offers best-in-class Business Process Services that help you take advantage of the opportunities created by the changing business landscape.

Crafting Cool Applications

Complex markets require a new approach to sustainable applications. These applications need to become more flexible to provide agile support for a company's successful operation, particularly in uncertain times. Hiture goal is to enable our clients to harness new technologies which allow them to enter new markets and grow their market share.
Enterprise Information Management
The Digital Business is creating massive volumes of data that are able to harness information as a corporate asset.

Enterprise Information Management strategies are the evolution of traditional information management practices due to the explosion of data and the rise of the Information Enterprise. EIM enables businesses to secure their information across the diverse and complex landscapes of organizational departments, legacy systems, corporate and regulatory policies, business content and unstructured big data.

Wisewell Enterprise Information Management Solutions combines Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Master Data Management (MDM) and Business Intelligence (BI) to support the critical abilities to architect, integrate, improve, manage, associate, and archive all information.
Enterprise Asset Management
Capital-intensive companies know they can no longer afford to see maintenance as just an expense. Used wisely, it provides essential support to sustain productivity and fuel growth while driving down unneeded and unforeseen overall expenses.

In many companies, you have to start at the beginning-put the basics in place-before your attempts to achieve excellence and to optimize decisions will be successful. The ultimate aim is to attain a high degree of control over your maintenance decisions. Companies are doing this through increased Visibility, Automation and Control.

With Wisewell Enterprise Asset Management Services, you can gain near real time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, extend the useful life of capital equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases—while unifying processes for wide-ranging enterprising asset management functions across multiple sites.
Enterprise Resources Planning
Today's business environment rewards those who can act faster and more efficiently, making the most of today's most important asset—information. Poorly integrated legacy systems can make it difficult to act with speed and agility, which hurts competitiveness.

Wisewell help our clients to select, plan, and implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our team has unmatched knowledge and experience with leading ERP systems and vendors and know how to make those solutions work for our clients. We partner with our clients to select and implement the most optimal ERP systems to meet their needs.

While focused on implementations of packaged software solutions, we distinguish ourselves through a deep understanding of the unique and complex operating conditions (culture challenges, business processes, etc.). Our services are driven by a comprehensive approach to providing sustainable solutions.
Bespoke Suited Applications
With experience across all major industries, we can create solutions for meeting the most challenging IT problems. We combine deep technology expertise, architecture solutions capability and program management skills to help you integrate and acquire new capabilities for heterogeneous systems that span both mainstream and emerging technologies.

Wisewell Consultants work with our clients to provide the skills they need, when they need them, for streamlining, managing and maximizing all systems, applications and enterprise platforms including: J2EE, .NET and SOA.